When thinking about Morocco and its transportation many people might think of a camel walking through desert , yet this amazing country has national and international airports , network of trains, buses connecting all cities and villages and shared taxis that will get you between cities , tramways , car rentals for more freedom and ease … and camels too of course .Here is a list of several ways to travel efficiently and affordably that will allow to cross Morocco’s varied mountain , desert landscapes and two seas.However, not all of these means of transportation can get you everywhere you need to go :


Buses are more frequent, comfortable ( depends on operator )  and safe choice , since they reach different cities and villages that aren’t reached by rails , like Essaouira and Ouarzazate  , and cheap even along routes where the train is available can cost half the price making it much more affordable. 
If you like to discover morocco from up close and get to know people , the buses are great for that plus the routes are often more scenic and travel along winding roads providing excellent views of smaller villages and the varying landscapes of the country.
Every city had its own bus station some of them might be too loud and messy which makes the process of buying tickets quite tiring and unclear .At the station you can book your bus ticket from windows , in some stations windows are empty and since the travel fare isn’t fixed , brokers will try to sell you bus tickets at high prices without being completely clear nor honest about the times of arrival and departure they advertise therefore you should bargain the price and ask to see the bus you’re taking and make sure that it covers your luggage, before buying the ticket . If you’re familiar with buses and know which one you’ll take you can buy your ticket directly inside the bus from the staff . Buses will often wait until they are full before departing the station which means you can never really count on what time you will begin the trip, even if you buy a ticket for a particular time.
There are Two well known bus operators they are more expensive than regular buses but they offer good service service and comfort .Some of these buses come with WIFI and some extra leg room if you take the “Luxe” buses. 
 Supratours buses are a good choice if you are traveling to a destination where a train takes you only a portion of the way. That is because Supratours buses are run by ONCF, the same company as the rail system. Thus, they have already anticipated the traveler’s final destination and their bus routes leave from the train stations , you can buy their bus ticket from .
CTM has recently computerized their reservation system allowing you to book tickets to anywhere in Morocco at any of their CTM offices in advance. While CTM buses are a bit newer and more comfortable, many travelers find their operating schedule less convenient. You can leave your luggage at bus station, and come back to retrieve it later because only CTM provides luggage receipts.

If you are planning to travel by bus during major Moroccan holidays and during summer peak season (July-August), buy your tickets  "" in advance to insure seats availability due to increase travel by Moroccans. 

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Morocco’s network of trains, operated by the Office National des Chemins de Fer (ONCF), a good option for traveling between cities. they serve major cities including Fez, Marrakesh, Casablanca, Rabat and Meknes .
ONCF Recently added high-speed service that has reduced the travel time between Casablanca and Tangier to 2h20 and serves the stations of Casa-Voyageurs, Rabat Agdal, Kenitra and Tangier.
Most trains offer first and second class tickets. The main difference is that in the first class, you will have a reserved seat with luggage space, so it is a good option if you have a long trip with big suitcases, or if you are traveling during a holiday and the trains are full but it’s more expensive , whereas in second class you may have to stand at peak hours but the comfort is almost the same as first class .
Marrakech  is the last stop going south but the Marrakech station is conveniently located next to the two major bus companies (SupraTours & CTM). As ONCF is affiliated with SupraTours if you were looking to continue traveling south past Marrakech,

Most trains run reasonably on time, but service disruptions and delays do happen — so allow a little wiggle room in your schedule or can also purchase tickets at the train station. Advance purchase is recommended for overnight trains or first class, both of which can fill up quickly.


Grand taxis are shared taxis that carry up to six passengers , You’ll find these aging Mercedes sedans at taxi stands and near bus and train stations. A very traditional way of getting around from city to city or from a city to towns and/or villages is to hop in a Grand Taxi . If you’re traveling with a group of 5 or 6 this is a great way to save money traveling far distances, or if you want to leave at a particular time where the train or buses don’t run.
Grand taxis serve longer routes between towns, and they don’t leave until they’re full , there are no meters, so it’s worth asking your hotel front desk what your journey should cost per person before you head out and be prepared to negotiate if necessary For short distances,  such as small villages connecting to the larger town or city nearby, it’s often very affordable as low as 5, 10 or 15 Dirhams per seat.

To allow yourself a little extra space — or to get the car going i. If you have a significant number of suitcases, expect to pay a surcharge.

Flying to and around Morocco.

To come into the country from abroad, you can choose among the numerous airlines serving different Moroccan cities , most international visitors fly into Menara Airport in Marrakech or Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport which can be reached most easily by train . 

The country has several airports which greatly facilitate regional and international transport daily. Some companies also offer local flights from one city to another. 
 If you are going from one side of the country to the other, it can be convenient to fly  between cities to save time and hassle, some companies offer these local flights. Royal Air Maroc is the main carrier, serving secondary cities such as Zagora, Errachidia and  Essaouira. Keep in mind that some of these planes are quite small, so be sure to check baggage restrictions; they will likely be different from your international flight. that some of these planes are quite small, so be sure to check baggage  restrictions; they will likely be different from your international flight.