Buses are perfect to get anywhere in Morocco, besides being the cheapest and the most efficient way to travel around, buses offer a great travel experience, thanks to the routes they serve and their panoramic views. However, your bus travel experience is mainly based on comfort, unfortunately not all the buses are good and comfortable.

Bus Stations

If you are willing to discover Morocco by bus, then your journey is going to start at a bus station. Most cities and towns have a single central bus station (gare routière) and let’s be honest they are a total chaos, with brokers running around shouting destinations of buses about to depart, trying to convince to buy tickets before even seeing the bus and making sure they get a good commission out of that; to avoid this, make sure your bus ticket online beforehand.To find your bus station it will be the easiest to look for it on google maps or ask literally anyone , sometimes they are little bit outside of the city centers but most of the locals know how to find it.

Some bus agencies often maintain separate terminals, and often have offices outside the station. Occasionally, there are secondary stations for a limited number of local destinations.

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Bus Operators

Standard bus operators , available at every bus station, are the most affordable buses you can take across the country. However, some buses are privately owned by an individual company therefore their schedules  aren’t always accurate and some destinations may not be available and These services depart when sufficiently full and the journey take longer in average due to the frequent stops to recruit more passengers which could be a nice way to find hidden spots, taste delicious local meals freshly made , interact with locals and answer the call of nature of course.In terms of safety and security, I don’t think these are as safe as CTM or SupraTours because of how often they stop, and how they can pick up anyone from off the road. Also, when buying tickets for these buses you will find most will be speaking in Darija so expect a language barrier.

At the bottom end of the price range , their prices are much lower than CTM or SupraTours but are determined by the company or brokers at the station . For example, one bus might cost 60 dirhams from Marrakech to Casablanca but another could charge 70 dirhams and leave the station at a different time from the first, unfortunately if you are a foreigner some brokers could ask for extra money.If you want to have an idea about the actual prices of buses visit: www.markoub.ma,

If you are looking for an adventurous way to travel morocco then we recommend the local buses.


Bus stations in the main cities have left-luggage depots (consigne), sometimes open 24 hours. Padlock your bags. More often than not you’ll be charged for baggage handling. They are generally safe but we advise you to keep your luggage with You or at your hotel until your departure time.  

Most companies take some extras for baggage around 5 MAD , for normal buses the staff may ask you to pay for your luggage once you arrive to the bus you are taking and some other companies may charge you the luggage fees when buying the ticket at the agency of at ticket windows.

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